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sand filling systems

We offer a range of sand filling equipment and system for the Rail industry.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime, toll free: 1300 881 383 and speak with one of our experienced staff who can assist you with your latest project.

Sanding Equipment Range

Browse through our range of Sanding equipment for the Rail industry.

Servicing & maintenance

In an era of service & cost standards being in constant review, at Hartex we are proud to boast that many of our service customers have been with us for years.

Add to this the extensive facilities and wide expertise, Hartex can provide programmed and event based maintenance for everything from Brake Testers to Hydraulic Lifts. Insist on Hartex Services to provide and maintain all of your heavy vehicle engineering solutions.

Delivery & Installation

We export to all global markets and have custom compliance packages to suit design standards and rules for USA, Japan and Europe, the Middle East, Indonesia & Malaysia.

HARTEX's trusted Supply partners Include:

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