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metrolink bus

Metrolink Bus Drop in RMS Service Pit & Bus Workshop

This project was a turnkey workshop fit-out contract for a Sydney bus company.

The Hartex pre-fabricated drop in pits were the ideal service pit option for this site because, both pits were fully fitted out with Metrolink’s exact requirements from jacking system, to lubrication and waste oil requirements in the pit, in our Sydney manufacturing facility close by.

This meant a relatively short time between when our pits arrived on site to when buses were being serviced on them. These rapid build technologies offer huge advantages to both clients and builders. Builders love the Hartex drop in bus service pits because our methods involve far less civil works than similar systems from Europe sold by some of our competitors.

Our clients love these pits because our install methods mean this high value item to a workshop fit out can be one of the last things to go into a construction program, thereby greatly assisting project finance drawdowns from their financial institutions.

Call us on 1300 881 383 so we can help bring your dream workshop to life, or even if you need advice on how we can breathe new life with our very inventive workshop and pit upgrade methods.

The job involved supplying & installing:

  • Two 20m long drop in service pits, one of which was for Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) inspections
  • Roller brake tester and suspension shaker now increasingly becoming a standard fit out for any workshop
  • Heavy vehicle jacking systems for both service pits
  • Compressed air reticulation including compressor
  • Complete oil store fit-out including fabricating bulk oil tanks, pumps, hose reels
  • An 18m steam cleaning pit for underbody washing  with high pressure gernies
  • Bulk diesel fuel tank and refuelling facility
  • Relocate  bus wash machine from existing depot to new depot

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