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The MET 6.3 combination emission tester combines cutting-edge petrol and diesel emission measuring technology in one compact housing. The unique design offers the user extensive options for emission diagnostics, in addition to using the tester in the official exhaust emission inspection (AU). When the tester is fully equipped, it can simultaneously measure HC, CO, CO2, O2, NO, NO2, NOx, turbidity coefficient and particle mass concentration.

With its PC-supported inspection workflow, which is well-organised and user-friendly, it is the perfect emission tester for the legally prescribed AU emission inspection.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, low weight, wireless PC connection (optional) and OBD module, the MET 6.3 is particularly suitable for mobile applications. The optional heated 5.5 m probe hose for petrol and diesel measurement makes it easy to connect the emission probe to the vehicle being tested (e.g. to a lorry's vertical exhaust pipe).

Petrol Tester Module

  • Partial flow emission tester with display (basic unit) for the analysis of gas components HC, CO, CO2, O2 with Lambda calculation
  • LAN interface (RJ 45)
  • Innovative condensate separation
  • Suitable for CNG-, LPG- and petrol-powered engines
  • Option to Expand for NOx analysis (on request)

Diesel Tester Module

  • Official German PTB-approval 18.09
  • Partial flow diesel emission tester with display (basic unit) for the measurement of the opacity/particle concentration
  • Time-saving, user-friendly emission testing with free acceleration or engine under load
  • Instantaneous or continuous measurement
  • LAN interface (RJ 45)
  • Innovative condensate separation

Brochure Downloads:

Diagnostics Brochure

Emission Tester Features Include:

  • Gas analyser and opacimeter/particle measurement device in a single high-quality synthetic casing
  • Integrated display unit with keypad
  • LAN interface with LAN cable (RJ 45)
  • Power supply unit
  • Calibration gas connector
  • Electrochemical O2 sensor
  • Sampling probe, steel mesh protected, 600mm long, 2000 mm probe hose
  • Transparent hose for condensate drainage
  • Trigger tongs for MET 6.1, 6.3 for inductive rpm measurement at the ignition cables
  • Main filter, zero filter, condensate pump filter
  • 2 replacement filters, 2 replacement seals
  • Operating instructions
  • Software for continuous measurement without country-specific test procedure
  • Packaging (included)


  • RS 232 interface
  • W-LAN interface

Emission Tester MET 6.3 - Maha display unit

Partial flow emission tester with display unit in high quality synthetic casing

MAHA MET 6.3 Emission Tester Filter

MAHA MET 6.3 Emission Tester Filter

Trolley for Maha Emission Tester MET 6.3 - Shows room for chosen printer

Trolley for a single-, combo-tester and example printer

The MET 6.3 is backed up by a well-planned servicing scheme. When consumables (filters, O2 sensors, etc.) need to be changed, the software displays the component change that is due in good time. Highly durable consumable parts and service hatches that are straightforward to access reduce the effort required for servicing work to a minimum.

Technical Specifications

MET 6.3 Emissions Tester

Turbidity testing range 0 up to




Warm-up time of the measurement chamber approx

40 sec

Dimensions Product width


Dimensions Product height


Dimensions Product length


Warm-up time

150 sec

Power supply On-board voltage

10 - 30 V, DC

Mains frequency min.

50 Hz

Mains frequency max.

60 Hz

Measurement principle Measuring principle HC


Measurement principle Measuring principle CO


Measurement principle Measuring principle CO2


Measurement principle Measuring principle O2


Measurement range Measuring range HC

0-999 ppm

Measurement range Measuring range CO

0-15 % Vol.

Measurement range Measuring range O2

0-25 % Vol.

Measurement range Measuring range CO2

0-20 % Vol.

Measuring accuracy Measuring accuracy HC


Measuring accuracy Measuring accuracy CO


Measuring accuracy Measuring accuracy CO2


Measuring accuracy Measuring accuracy O2


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