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Heavywash mono roll

A dynamic and economical wash system for small fleets.

high mobility

MONO-ROLL is the new mobile single-brush system in ISTOBAL's HEAVYWASH range intended for all types of small fleets both indoors and outdoors. Completing a fullservice wash in less than 10 minutes without having to move the vehicle, this light and motorised standalone equipment is the perfect solution for the daily wash and care of transport fleets and buses.


Istobal MONO-ROLL Brochure


single brush wash features:

  • Vehicle heights from 3.65m - 4.25m
  • Galvanised structure in Red
  • 300 litre onboard tank
  • Battery operation for up to 30 wash services
Speedy Wash 101 ST - Dual controls for operation in both directions, it can handle even the most difficult of surfaces
Speed Wash 626 LX - "Power Brush" in the true sense of the words. Untethered, and with it's own 24V-DC power source, the 626 is a true ecological success
Speed Wash 626 EZ - Completely independent, 24V batteries powered. Introduced for the first time the new driving system EASY DRIVE 4WS (four wheels steering)

Technical Specifications



Wash Height

3,650mm (11' - 11' 3/4")

4,250mm (13' - 11' 3/8")

Equipment Dimensions

1,550mm x (3,810/4,410mm) x 1,706mm

[5'-1"] x [12'-6"] / [14'-5 5/8"] x [5'-7 1/8"]

Water Tank

300L (79.25 gal)

Water Consumption

25L/min (6.6 gal/min)

Power Supply

24 V Batteries

Brush Diameter

1,000mm [3'-3 3/8"]

Brush Front Tilt

15 Degrees

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