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lubrication hose reel range

Within the lubrication environment Hartex Engineering has installed a variety of equipment for a wide and diverse number of customers. These customers range from small, medium and large automotive dealerships to city transport authorities and large national transport companies.

custom design & installation

All of Hartex Engineering lubrication installations are designed and installed to the specific customer requirements. We carry a complete range of products and spares for all graco lubrication equipment. We also have a 24/7 service department to assist clients with major breakdowns and carry a range of service swap out equipment for replacement to limit down time, during repair work.

Recent Projects

Project name / description

Hose Reel Range Features:

  • Single or Dual pedestal options
  • improved high demand spring retraction
  • Full-flow swivel
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Larger hose capacity with smaller profile
  • improved latch design
  • Durable finish in a range of colours
  • Overhead mounting kits available

Vehicle workshop with hose reels in overhead one peice gantry

mining lubrication gantry2 Bays of hose reels in single gantry, manufactured in-house and installed as single peices on-site

Workshop lubrication system, included hose reels, waste oil tanks, supply lines, pumps & dispensers

hose reels mounted on external building facade with inbuilt tanks & pumps

Vehicle workshop with hose reels in overhead one peice gantry

graco 700 series lubrication hose reelGraco 700 Series Hose Reel (Heavy Duty) for frequent everyday use

Graco LD Series Hose Reel (Standard duty)

Graco SD Series Hose Reel (Professional Level)

graco hose reel XD seriesGraco XD Series Hose Reel (High Performance)

700 Series heavy duty reel for mining applications

  • The 700 Series of Graco Hose Reels, used in the mining and resources industry for servicing of special large scale vehicles. Features include:
  • Fully ported swivel and shaft for unrestricted flow
  • Handles hose lengths up to 23m(75ft)
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings outlast sleeved-type bearings
  • Easy rewind with minimal hose guidance
  • Overhead mounting kit available

Technical Specifications




Entry level hose reels designed for standard-duty applications

Professional level hose reels designed for frequent, everyday use in a wide variety of applications

High performance hose reels designed for heavy-duty jobs that require high-frequency use, extra strength and durability

Single Pedestal Frame

Single Pedestal Frame

Dual Pedestal Frame

Composite Spool

Metal Spool

Metal Spool

Indoor Use

Indoor and Moderate Outdoor Use

Rugged, Indoor and Outdoor Use

Enclosure Available

Enclosure Available

Open Models

Compact Design Fits in Small Spaces

Compact Design Fits in Small Spaces

Narrow Footprint

Non-Sparking Ratchet

Non-Sparking Ratchet

Non-Sparking Ratchet



Sealed Springs with in-field Spring Adjustment



Sealed Roller Bearings

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