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prefabricated service Pits - 'drop-in' pits

This style of service pit also called a drop in pit is ideal for truck or bus operators wanting a quick and cost effective maintenance pit.

Built for over 30 years in our Sydney manufacturing plant, the Hartex drop in pits are fully pre-fabricated and fitted out off-site, allowing for the fastest truck or bus service pit installation in the country, with some pits being installed and commissioned in 4 days.  The drop in pits are made to custom lengths and transported to all parts of Australia and an ever-increasing international clientele. Hartex is the ONLY Australian manufacturer of drop-in service pits.

It is because of our extensive experience in delivering turnkey solutions like this, that our clients trust Hartex Engineering to deliver these complex pre-fabricated pit systems.  This after all is too risky a venture to contract an inexperienced company with little or no demonstrated evidence of doing this type of work. We highly recommend you seek references of similar jobs that your potential service pit builder is promising you. We stand by our products, which is why the Hartex drop in pit system has become the industry benchmark in Australia and our rapidly expanding international markets.

When configured as a truck service pit, we can custom build Hartex drop in pits to bay lengths of 6 to 40m long, catering to small truck fleets, B-doubles and road trains. Our prefabricated pit systems can also be configured to a large variety of bus fleets and inspection stations like those operated by TMR (Transport Main Roads – QLD ) and RMS (Roads and Maritime Services – NSW).

  • Quick to install on site
  • No costly formwork or pre concrete works by the builder
  • Minimal down time to your existing workshop pit activities
  • Any number and Length of pit bays to suit your needs
  • Pit floor has a pre-fabricated fall to a central sump pump-out system for trade waste
  • Two sets of access stairs and handrails, one at each end of the pit
  • Jacking rails to support pit jacks and beams
  • 2 pack epoxy is painted on external surfaces to comply with EPA requirements and offer maximum protection against corrosion
  • 2 coats of industrial enamel to maximize light reflectivity within the pit

Completed truck workshop pit, with lubrication systems, lighting and ventilation, all prefabricated off-siteCompleted truck workshop, with lubrication systems, lighting and ventilation, prefabricated off-site

Completed bus workshop pit, with lubrication systems, lighting and ventilationCompleted bus workshop pit, with lubrication systems, lighting and ventilation

Prefabricated pit being delivered to sitePrefabricated pit being delivered to site

Pit being concreted into place after being crained inPit being concreted into place after crane drops in

Finished workshop pit, with jacks, lighting & ventilationFinished workshop pit, with jacks, lighting & ventilation

Waste Oil Removal TrolleyWaste Oil Removal Trolley

The Hartex pit jacks pictured are catered to suit the specific needs of your fleet and is yet another innovation by Hartex to make the service pit environment safer and more productive. Check out our complete range of Pit Jacks to find a jacking system that suits your work or fleet. 

Hartex drop in pit systems can also be designed with side access tunnels. Many truck service pits and bus service pits are too short for the types of vehicles being serviced on them. It is mandatory under the OH&S act to have a clear path of entry and exit for a mechanic working in a pit in the event they are injured or a rescue is to be mounted due to other emergencies like smoke or fire events.

If the service pit is shorter than the fleet being serviced, it is possible to meet the obligations under the act by incorporating a side access tunnel into the service pit to allow mechanics access into the service pit at any time, even if a truck or bus covers the entire pit opening. This is quite common on many NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) inspection pits.

Side access tunnels for safe access to shorter truck service pitsSide access tunnels for safe access to shorter truck service pits

Prefabricated service pit staircase with tunnel being installedPrefabricated service pit staircase with tunnel being installed

External view of prefabricated service pit with staircase and tunnelExternal view of prefabricated service pit with staircase and tunnel

  • An average 15m long pit takes 6 weeks to build on site. A Hartex drop in vehicle service pit can be installed within 4 days
  • The pre-fabricated pit is constructed off-site and then craned into position and concrete poured around it

All of our workshop pits and service bays come with a 25 year structural warranty, making Hartex pits the most durable long lasting pits in the world

We export to all global markets and have custom compliance packages to suit design standards and rules for USA, Japan and Europe, the Middle East, Indonesia & Malaysia.

Contact us for more information or call 1300 881 383 to speak with one of our experienced staff who can guide and develop a solution just for you.

Technical Specifications

Pit Opening

950mm - 1100mm

Pit Width

1400mm - 1600mm

Pit Depth

1.4m - 1.6m

Rollover Capacity

100T - Greater loads possible on application

Heavy Vehicle Workshop Pits

RMS Inspection Service Pits

Hartex Workshop Pit Safety

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