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rMS (RTA) inspection service Pits

The recent trend by inspection authorities like the RMS (Formerly the RTA) that now requires fleet operators to build and equip their own vehicle diagnostic facilities have lead to the development of the "drop in" diagnostic pit that minimises disruption to existing workshop operations and reduces cost.

Hartex Engineering has a range of prefabricated service pits specifically designed for inspection and compliance testing of heavy vehicle fleets. Hartex is the ONLY Australian manufacturer of drop-in service pits. Beware of claims by other manufacturers who state their pits are locally built when in fact they are low quality imports. The

All RMS pits are fabricated and produced in our purpose built manufacturing facility in Sydney. The steel work is then transported to the site where it is assembled, levelled and concreted in.

Consider this very important test if you are planning to build your very own RMS pit. First ask your friendly RMS inspector for their advice on what type of brake test machine or pit system to install. In most cases this important investigative work will lead you to Hartex Engineering.  Due to the nature of their work RMS inspectors get around and have first hand experience of the disastrous results endured by other operators who have chosen to install some questionable equipment with little history in the Australian market.

At Hartex you are dealing with professionals who have been doing this for over 30 years. Call us now on 1300 881 383 and we can discuss options on how to make your RMS service pit vision into a very affordable reality.

All bays are equipped with:

RMS Workshop inspection and service pit, all components were prefabricated and made to RMS testing facility standardsRMS Workshop inspection and service pit, all components were prefabricated and made to RMS testing facility standards

Hartex Pit Jacking System for truck and bus testing facilitiesHartex Pit Jacking System for truck and bus testing facilities

The Hartex 'drop-in" diagnostic bay is an innovative solution designed to reduce upfront capital costs. Call us today to discuss how we can help you design and build a commercial RMS test station at your depot, or if you're looking to self certify your own fleet.

  • An average 20m long pit takes 6 weeks to build on site. A Hartex drop in vehicle service pit can be installed within 4 days
  • The pre-fabricated pit is constructed off-site and then craned into position and concrete poured around it

All of our workshop pits and service bays come with a 25 year structural warranty, making Hartex pits the most durable long lasting pits in the world

We export to all global markets and have custom compliance packages to suit design standards and rules for USA, Japan and Europe, the Middle East, Indonesia & Malaysia.

Contact us for more information or call 1300 881 383 to speak with one of our experienced staff who can guide and develop a solution just for you.

Technical Specifications

Pit Opening

950mm - 1100mm

Pit Width

1400mm - 1600mm

Pit Depth


Rollover Capacity

100T - Greater loads possible on application

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