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under chassis wash for trucks & buses

For the automated cleaning of the truck or bus under body, then look no further than the renowned Hartex under chassis wash UCW range. Ideal for preparing your vehicles for RMS inspection or even as a pre wash to maximise the effectiveness of planned vehicle maintenance the UCW range offers a quick and cost effective under body vehicle clean.

In recent years this has been a valuable addition to commercial truck wash operations as a means of value adding and up selling wash options to maximise revenue per vehicle.

The Hartex under chassis washes comprises a hot-dip galvanized fabricated manifold. This framework is 3000mm wide and installed and can be installed in existing or new truck and bus wash bays. The manifold is equipped with 20-40 nozzles specially designed by Hartex that direct water in a cyclonic fashion to intensify the cleaning effect on the bottoms of trucks and buses.  This is what makes the Hartex under chassis wash the most effective drive through style under body wash system necessary for the transport and mining sectors.

These systems must be used in conjunction with water treatment and recycling systems - click here to read more about our water recycling systems

Recent Projects

under chassis wash features:

  • Provides a clean truck or bus for mechanics to work on
  • Easier to diagnose mechanical faults
  • Improves road safety by reducing oil drops on the road
  • Clean and easy to operate by vehicle driver
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Cold water only required
  • Ideal for all heavy vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Coaches and more
  • Spray bar activation when the vehicle entering the wash bay breaks a light beam
  • Sensor switch mounted inside the holding tank for dry run protection

Truck moving through under chassis wash, TOLL IPECTruck moving through under chassis wash, TOLL IPEC

Under chassis wash installed with 3 lanes, guide railsCustom under chassis wash with tripple manifold under body wash system for Linfox Perth

Under chassis wash nozzel sprayUnder chassis wash nozzel spray used in the mining sector for rugged environments

Truck after under chassis wash cycle completeTruck after under chassis wash cycle complete

Dirt and mud removed from one pass through the under chassis washDirt removed from truck passing over the under chassis wash system

Pressure tanksHartex truck wash water filtration systems to ensure current water restrictions are adhered to

Facilities room with pressure tanks, pumps and water storage tanksFacilities room with pressure tanks, pumps and water storage tanks

Features & controls

A separate press button console is installed at the entry of the washbay offers manual control of the chassis wash. Alternatively a fully automated system via in ground inductive loop or above ground light barrier system offers truck and bus wash bays an elegant and safe chassis wash without having the driver of the vehicle step out of the vehicle to activate or arm the system.

The number of nozzles and pump configurations are selected depending on the fleet type being washed, and if the wash bay orientation is drive through (single pass), or drive in and reverse out (2 pass wash). See below table for Fleet types and requirements.


Fleet type / Region

Flow rate L/min

No. of nozzels

Power Requirements


Light Vehicle / Mining



20A, 415V


Bus / Metro



40A, 415V


Bus / Truck Metro



45A, 415V


Truck / Interstate / Waste Industry / Quarries



53A, 415V


Truck / Mining



65A, 415V

Technical Specifications


360L/min @ 15 Bar (215 PSI)


18kW, 415V, 3 Phase + N







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