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gas analyser - OPLACYLIT

The OPACILYT series is a modern, high-performance system for measuring the exhaust gases of diesel vehicles.

modular design

The Hartex Engineering exhaust gas testers have a modular design that can be customised to the individual needs of the garage. The OPACILYT 1020 "Standard" is a competitively priced exhaust gas tester that is easy to use with all the additional features you need.

This handy unit determines RPM, Oil temperature and Opacity through diesel exhaust gas in the compression ignition engine. The measured values are displayed and can also be shown graphically in the printed log.

gas analyser OPACYLIT advantages:

  • Handy, compact portable unit
  • Simple operation
  • Graphic print out of opacity and RPM
  • Diagnostic mode
  • Modular basic unit upgradable to combined version or connected to PC/notebook
  • Power can be supplied from the vehicle battery

Handy, compact portable unit

Handy, compact portable unit

Technical Specifications




0 - 19,99-1


0 - 100%


0 - 9990 RPM

Oil Temperature

0 - 150ºC

Operating Temperature

0 - 50ºC

Measured Value Adjustment

Automatically (light/dark test)

Power Supply

230V/50Hz DD

Dimensions (WxHxD)

585mm x 235mm x 155mm

Weight Approx


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