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gas analyser - infralyt sL

The Infralyt SL Gas Analyser (Special Line) is simultaneously determining CO, CO2, HC AND O2 components and from it the calculated fuel/air relationship in the exhaust gas stream of spark ignition motors. It can also measure the oil temperature and RPM by means of various transducers beside the OBD adapter functionality.

integrated oBD module

The OBD module is integrated in this device already firmly and secures future-oriented measurement and evaluation of data, which are supplied directly over the motor management of a vehicle.

optional extras

An optional handheld unit with a alphanumeric keyboard. LCD - display and journal printer can be used to operate the system following national requirements.

The device is supplementable with the smoke meter Opacilyt 1020 and can be used with a PC as a "professional version" - or connected with a Notebook as "mobile version".

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Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Systems

gas analyser infralyt SL features include:

  • Robust compact unit (special line) for a long life span
  • Included OBD - module and CARB - plug (OBD connector supporting the latest communication standards
  • Highest accuracy by providing OIML Class 1 & 0
  • Easy to handle guidance by a PC/small hand held unit
  • Adaptable for national requirements
  • Additionally equipped with RS 232 and can interface with data communication
  • Quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • CE Certified

Gas Anayler INFRAYLIT SL model

Gas Anayler INFRAYLIT SL model

Technical Specifications



Measuring ranges

CO / 0-10% Vol

CO2 / 0-20% Vol

HC / 0-2500ppm

O2 / 0-21% Vol

Lambda calculation

0 - 9,9999 (by Brettschneider)

RPM measuring range

400 - 9999 min-1

Connectable transducers

Inductive clamp

Ignition pulse antenna

Dwell angle probe

Optical sensor

Diagnostic connector and slack point sensor

Temperature Measuring range

0- 130ºC

Working Temperature

5- 45ºC


OIML Class 1 and 0


Parallel printer connection

Hand-Held unit connection

RS 232, CAN

CARB-plug (OBD-connector)

OBD - Modules

Supported Standards are:

ISO DIS 14230-4 (KW2000)

ISO 9141-2

SAE J 1850 (mode PWM and VPM) according SAE 1978

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