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bulktrans, Darwin NT

Kerb Angle Pits Installation

Bulktrans is based in Darwin and operates fleets of fuel tankers that service the top end. Their fleets are typically road trains in excess of 80m long. For Bulktrans Hartex Engineering developed two kerb angle style pits because the client had decided to accommodate their pits with heavy vehicle jacking systems.

Hartex Engineering fabricated the special kerb angle frames and shipped them to the builder on site to set on the concrete pit walls and lock into the slab. All engineering drawings on how to do this safely so that the pit edges and walls don’t crumble years down the track were issued by Hartex to the builder. Too often we see old concrete pits with the edges breaking away. This is because there is no super structure in the concrete to take the TENSILE loads that heavy vehicle jacking systems place on concrete.

Built in 2007 the client added another 6 jacks to one of the service pits in 2014 demonstrating how flexible the Hartex pit jack system is where additional nits can be installed as the business needs scale up.

Project Details

  • Bulktrans Kerb angle service pit and Automated drive through wash bay

  • Completed 2007
bulktrans project

Completed kerb angle pit system with blue waste oil trolley

Completed kerb angle truck service pit

A road train being driven on to the kerb angle truck service pit

A prime mover being jacked up on the Hartex pit jacks. The mechanic can now walk around safely with ease

End view of kerb angle service pit with suspended grid floor

Prime mover cab rolled forward for servicing from the top – hence the term “two-level service facility”

A view of the 4 bay workshop

Last bay on left is the Hartex drive through high pressure wash for road trains

A road train entering the workshop, 3 Trucks, 2 Entering, one exiting

A road train entering the high pressure touch less wash system

Road train in the wash bay. High pressure arches fire water at the truck

Internal view of kerb angle truck service pit from within the pit

Hydraulic power unit that power all the pit jacks in the pit

The control box for the high pressure touch less wash system

Bulk oil store for the workshop

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