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srh transport, rutherford nsw

Hartex Pre-fabricated Drop in Inspection Pit for RMS / RTA use

SRH Transport run a fleet of tanker trucks and wanted an inspection pit facility to ensure their trucks were safe and reliable. SRH came to us to design and build an RMS (RTA) compliant pit for their new depot and still make it functional for their day to day service requirements. RMS truck inspection pits are usually 1600mm deep, which is too deep for a traditional service pit where depths are usually 1400mm.

Hartex Engineering developed a sliding work platform that enabled mechanics to get back to a 1400mm working depth when the pit was to be used as a service pit. When not in use the platform retracts under the sets of stairs out of the way. The pit is equipped with VTEQ roller brake tester and suspension tester and the Hartex heavy vehicle jacking system.

Hartex’ s experienced engineers and site supervisors came up with a detailed project plan that broke the whole construction plan step by step so that every process was optimised to save time on site.  

Project Details

  • SRH Transport, Rutherford NSW
  • Completed 2012

The excavated hole before the pit arrives on site

The truck arrives with SRH’s new inspection pit

The truck service pit is lowered into the hole

The roller brake tester provision is attached to the pit

All concrete works completed

The pit energised for the first time!

Sliding work platform to make it easier to reach the bottoms of trucks

The Hartex jacking system used to elevate the truck. Complete walk through capability with vehicle jacked

Another view of the jacking system showing underneath of pit with vehicle up on jacks

Suspension tester plates (shaker plates) in blue

VTEQ Roller Brake Tester

Trailers being tested on the roller brake tester

More testing on the roller brake tester

Trailer just before being elevated using the jacks

Suspension shaker tester in use to check bushes and king pins

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