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Eurobodella Council

eurobodAlla council

Prefabricated Drop-in Workshop Service Pit

This client came to us to design and build an RMS (RTA) compliant pit in their existing council with minimum disruption to their existing activities, which had to continue during the construction works.

Hartex’s experienced engineers and site supervisors came up with a detailed project plan that broke the whole construction plan step by step so that every process was optimized to save time on site. We were able saw cut this slab, excavate, install the pit, commission all in 4 days. With concrete curing over the weekend, the pit was operational after the weekend.

The pit system had to be Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) compliant because the RMS lease this site for inspection activities. Hartex have built numerous RMS type inspection facilities and were well placed to provide the Council with the right advice.

It is because of our extensive construction experience at delivering turnkey solutions like this, that our clients expect and receive from us. This after all is too risky a venture to give to an inexperienced hand with little or no demonstrated evidence of doing this type of work. It is always good to seek references of similar jobs that your potential service pit builder is promising you. We stand by our products, which is why the Hartex drop in pit system has become the industry benchmark in Australia and our rapidly expanding international markets.

Project Details

  • Prefabricated Drop-in Workshop Service Pit, Eurobodalla Council, NSW
  • Completed 2013

Saw cutting and excavating the existing workshop floor

Unloading the prefabricated RMS drop-in pit system

Attaching the side access tunnel to the pit

Pit lowered into hole and stabilised

First stage concrete pour around pit structure

Final stage concrete pour to slab

20T Jacking bridge on pit runners to lift trucks

Explosion proof lighting and ventilation in the pit

The mechanics are eager to use their new pit and discard their creepers

A view of the side access tunnel and stairs

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