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Busways Penrith

busways penrith bus depot

3 bay suspended ceiling pit

A client of many years, Busways came to Hartex to help them facilitate their two new workshops in the area of western Sydney, this site in Penrith NSW. This site is comprises of a 3 bay suspended ceiling workshop, complete with heavy duty steel reels under the pit deck, bulk oil tanks with pumps and feed lines under the desk and our patent pending roller pit cover for added protection.

Project Details

  • 3 Bay Suspended Ceiling Workshop Pit
  • Completed February 2014

Completed Suspended Ceiling Pit with 3 baysTop of the steel deck of completed 3 bay suspended ceiling workshop pit complete with automatic pit roller covers

Roller brake tester supplied and installed by Hartex at the beginning of one of 3 workshop bays

Bulk oil tankswere installed and stored under the deck of the pit for ease of access and use. Graco heavy duty fireball pumps used to ensure efficient functionality

High pressure piping feed lines were installed along pit walls under the deck of the pit to provide lubricants such as grease, oil & coolant

Graco heavy duty hose reels installed under the steel deck of the suspended ceiling pit

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