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Prefabricated Drop-in Pit System / RMS Pit

A truck service pit that can also be used for RMS Inspection services. Now that’s a tremendous benefit for any transport company!

Like many transport companies, owner Craig Parry approached Hartex to design and construct a truck service pit that could also serve as a Roads and Maritime services (RMS/RTA) inspection pit, fully fitted out with the latest in suspension testers (shakers) and roller brake tester.

Our team of engineers designed this pit and coordinated all the activities with the builder. The 30m long pit was transported to site in two sections which is then assembled on site by Hartex technicians before being dropped into the excavated hole which had been dug the previous day. All this in 6 hours! This is why our pit systems are renowned for their speed of installation on site.

The pit system was equipped with a roller brake tester of the highest quality imported from Germany. The hydraulic shakers were also made in Germany underlying our commitment to using the best equipment from around the world. Clients often regret making the decision to buy cheaper lower quality brake testers that have dubious reputation at best.

Consider this very important test if you are planning to build your very own RMS pit. First ask your friendly RMS inspector for their advice on what type of brake test machine or pit system to install. In most cases this important investigative work will lead you to Hartex Engineering.  Due to the nature of their work RMS inspectors get around and have first hand experience of the disastrous results endured by other operators who have chosen to install some questionable equipment with little history in the Australian market. At Hartex you are dealing with professionals who have been doing this for over 30 years. Call us now on 1300 881 383 and we can discuss options on how to make your RMS service pit vision into a very affordable reality.

Project Details

  • Parry Logistics, Prefabricated Drop-in Pit System / RMS Pit, Tamworth NSW
  • Completed 2012

30m long RMS pit complete with roller brake tester and suspension shakers

RMS Pit system in our workshop in Sydney prior to dispatch

Another pre-fabricated pit system leaving Hartex Sydney Manufacturing workshop

The pre-fabricated pit is assembled together to form the entire 30m long length

The truck service pit is lowered into the excavated hole excavated the previous day

The crane lowering the truck service pit into the excavated hole.

The job nearing completion

Traditional analogue display board for the Roller Brake Tester that can work with the new computer displays

Ventilation stack removing harmful gases from the inside of the workshop pit

Individual Pit jacks to allow the trouble free elevation of trucks

The completed RMS pit system

Top view the completed drop in pit system

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